Dogtown Austin

                             PENNY SAYS HI!

A recent article in the Austin Statesman was about how dog friendly Austin is and I have to agree.  

Here is the article:

Before I moved to Austin in 2008, I visited many times.  I was struck at how dog friendly everything really is. It's one of the reasons (among many) I moved here.

Here are some of my favorite dog friendly places in Austin:

My favorite place to go with my dogs Penny & Gigi is Auditorium Shores. It's also a great place for dog watching.  Since Penny & Gigi are Frenchies, I don't allow them in the water, but it is fun to watch the other dogs play and swim in the water.  It's a very friendly place in a great location.

Closer to home is Mueller Lake Park, which is a great place for a dog walk if you live on the east side of town.  There are lots of trails, a small lake, food trailers and lots of friendly dogs there.

Gigi and I took an agility class from The Zoom Room, which was a lot of fun!  Gigi can jump very high and it was a great bonding experience for us when I first met her.  We ended up putting an agility set in the backyard. Sometimes I use it too.

                          Me learning agility.

                          Me learning agility.

Gigi, Penny and I belong to the Austin French Bulldog Meetup group and some other dog meetups.  There are many dog meetup groups here in Austin.  There are always some doggie Meetups coming up.  

What are some of your favorite dog friendly places in Austin?  Please let me know in the comments below.