Grandma Phyllis & Dolly:Two Great Blondes

When I was 10 years old, I was with my Grandma Phyllis when we drove by the dog shelter and I asked Grandma to stop so we could go in and see the dogs. There was one dog there that we both seemed to be drawn to, a white poodle named Dolly. Grandma wasn't really looking for a dog and I knew my parents weren't looking for an additional dog, so we left.  

Neither of us could get Dolly out of our minds.  We talked about her on the way home.  I asked Grandma what she thought would happen to Dolly.  She told me she hoped that Dolly would find a good home.  I asked her what would happen if she didn't find a home.  Grandma paused and then finally told me that they would have to put her down if no one wanted her. I began to cry, thinking about this fate for poor Dolly.  I couldn't stop thinking about her and worrying about her. 

Later that same day, Grandma asked if I wanted to go with her to visit Dolly again, so off we went again to see Dolly.  Once we got there and saw Dolly again, Grandma surprised me by telling me that she was going to have Dolly come live with her.

Grandma Phyllis with Dolly and me, 1997.

Grandma Phyllis with Dolly and me, 1997.

Dolly became Grandma's best friend.  She really loved Dolly. They were together for 14 years.  Grandma Phyllis never was the same after Dolly died.  She said it was harder when Dolly died than when Grandpa died. 

Grandma died about six months after Dolly, a little over 14 years ago.  I was thinking about the both of them today. Grandma lived in Las Vegas without Grandpa for the last six years of her life, but she always had Dolly right by her.  I remember spending an afternoon visiting with Grandma, bringing my video camera and interviewing her.  She was a dancer in her younger years and loved to dance for the camera. She had a great sense of humor and always made me laugh.  

Dogs have the power to help keep us alive and it is heartbreaking when they die. Here's to Grandma Phyllis and Dolly, two great Blondes in history!